12 Projects in 12 months

I set myself a new year’s resolution at the beginning of 2016 that I was going to move on from home accessories and try and make clothes. My goal was 1 garment a month for a year. All fabrics have come from either Fabric Land Bournemouth or the last 3 were Fabric Land Kingston as we moved house in August. Most of the designs are patterned polycottons although the 3 black ones are a thick stretch material and the onesie is made from towelling. Two of the dresses also incorporated a lace element. I am over the moon with these projects and really feel that I tested and pushed my sewing ability. Thank you to Fabric Land for providing amazing stores with knowledgeable staff to help make this possible.

Shop Manager’s Notes: If you would like to create your own clothes, please see our wide range of Patterns to get started.

One thought on “12 Projects in 12 months

  1. Shop Manager says:

    We think this is a great New Year’s Resolution, Ebony. It’s great to hear your project has expanded your sewing skills – well done! We can’t wait to see more in 2017!

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