Lovely Sudettes, Stripes, Spots and Geometric Prints

Sewing Patterns


Simplicity Sewing Pattern


pattern 2

Simplicity Sewing Pattern



Simplicity Sewing Pattern


Sudettes, Stripes, Spots and Geometric Prints

faux suede

Faux Suede

£1.50 – £2.99 p/m

Bowling Ball Spot Fabric

£3.99 p/m


Crepe Fabric Germany Stripe

£3.99 p/m

mustard stripe

Crepe Fabric Morning Mustard Stripe

£3.99 p/m

peach navy stripe

Crepe Fabric Peach Navy Tallon Stripe

£3.99 p/m

shark sharp

Crepe Fabric Stripe Shark Sharp

£4.99 p/m

multi bold

Crepe Fabric Multi Bold Stripe

£4.44 p/m

Suiting Fabric Jail House Rock Stripe

£3.99 – £2.79 p/m


Jersey Fabric Nude Eton Stripe

£3.99 p/m

Crepe Fabric Abstract Chain Square

£4.44 p/m

Fabric Chevron Pirate Black/White/Red

£3.99 p/m

chevron geometric

Crepe Fabric Geometric Chevron Royal

£3.39 p/m


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