May Martin Gingham Fabric

May Martin talks about Gingham Fabric

In this video May Martin discusses all the various uses for the traditionally English Gingham Polycotton Fabric.

May describes the benefits of this lovely fabric. It is available in a variety of sizes, with large, medium and small sized check. The Polycotton Gingham also is washable and will not shrink.

As May suggests, Gingham is great for rejuvenating your home on a budget. The fabric can be used to create charming curtains. A gingham table cloth will look great covering an old, scruffy table. Also, Gingham fabric looks adorable on bunting.

If you are creating something for a child, May recommends Gingham for some easy smocking.  As you can pick up the check pattern from the fabric, there is no need to iron on spots!

A quintessentially British fabric, Gingham is a lovely fabric to work with.

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