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Burda Sewing Patterns

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Discover a huge variety of Burda Sewing Patterns at Fabric Land. We have a range of sewing patterns including clothing, accessories, toys and home furnishings.

Create a look for every occasion and make your own clothing with our easy to follow Burda Sewing Patterns and discover hundreds of fabrics to choose from. All Burda Sewing Patterns are rated by difficulty on a scale of 1-4. If you are an expert, challenge yourself and try a level 4 pattern. Or are you new to sewing, test the waters with a level 1 pattern and create a sewing project to be proud of.

Select your favourite from our huge range of fabrics to find your perfect material. Making a warming winter jacket? Take a look at our fleece collection! Or are you looking for a soft cotton for light summer clothing? Explore our full range of fabrics here.

Can’t find the pattern you are looking for? Feel free to contact us or pop in to your local Fabric Land store to find some friendly advice.

Here you will find the latest range of Fabric Land's DISCOUNTED Dress sewing patterns. Suitable for all skill levels and such a great way to make that unique accessory. If you can't find the pattern you are looking for online, call us on 01425 461444 or e-mail us on If it is a current pattern we will have it in stock and you can purchase it at Fabric Land's discounted prices.